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ByCrystal Jag

***INPUT REQUESTED*** Hard At Work On Something New

Good afternoon to all my friends! I haven’t posted much in the past few weeks, because I’ve been hard at work on something exciting!

This is a long shot, I’ll grant that. But I’m working on a submission to a contest to CO-WRITE A BOOK WITH JAMES PATTERSON! How amazing is that? As I said, it’s a long shot. And, since it has to be something within his standard mystery/thriller genre, I had to come up with yet another story idea, but I’m very excited about my new idea, which I’ll outline below.

I am DYING for your feedback on this, so even if you would normally just skim through my post and think to yourself, “That’s nice. She’s writing something,” please, please, please leave me a tiny little comment with your thoughts – if you love it, if you hate it, or if you just think that it’s not for you. Or you can leave me a nice, long comment. I’m not picky.

The contest requires the submission of three parts:

1) A one-page summary of the book idea (300 word maximum).

2) A five-page sample chapter from the proposed book (2,000 word maximum).

3) A two-sentence summary of the book hook (100 word maximum)

So here goes – I am still working through the story concept, and have not started on the sample chapter yet, but I have the two-sentence summary, and a rough synopsis:


She married him because she wanted to spend her life with her soulmate. He married her to destroy her.

BOOK SUMMARY (This is only the first half, because the second half contains spoilers for the rest of the book, and I don’t want to give too much away outside of the contest):

Charlie is a happily married woman who comes home to find her house sold, her possessions gone, her accounts emptied, and her family missing. She must expose years of shocking deceit and betrayal to rescue her children before her husband Jason kills them.

She delves into her husband’s hidden childhood and discovers that his father is serving a life sentence for murder – and her testimony as a child imprisoned him. When she visits Jason’s father in prison, he gives her a packet of letters from his son, detailing two decades of vengeful stalking and sabotage, including ruining her relationships and engineering her parents’ deaths.

So what do you think? Does it sound like a contender? Do the hook and the summary make you want to read more? Does it sound like something that might come from James Patterson?

ByCrystal Jag

Cover Option 1: The Tree, The Key & The Cross

Three days of design in Gimp, and here’s the cover for the book… what do you think?


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